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I employ driven and creative millennials.

I want to improve their resilience to the stresses of modern life currently restricting their success.


I see our young people struggling with mental health issues.

I want to help long term with dependable tools and coping mechanisms.


I am ambitious and want to harness the potential of my mind.

I want to invest in my mental wellbeing and discover my full capabilities.

“Today, we have some of the most incredible minds we have ever seen.

We are questioning some of the deepest and strongest assumptions we have about what we are capable of and what it means to be human and build a great future.

Young people, right up into their late twenties are struggling to build a resilient foundation on which their minds can keep up with the advances in technology and creative thought.

At the same time as investing in our technological future we also have to invest in updating and maintaining our mental capacity to thrive.”

Nova Woodrow

Positive Potential®

 Positive Potential® is available as a full programme or as one-off workshops. 

Bespoke options available.

Corporate Workshops

The resilience of your staff has an enormous effect on your bottom line. Transform the productivity, wellbeing and mindset of your best assets.

Working One to One

Ambitious millennials can take their personal development to the next level, working with me in a small mastermind environment or on a one to one basis.

It wasn't until I started to look at my own patterns in detail that I finally saw something that had been staring me in the face for so long I can hardly remember when it started.

Something AMAZING happens when you start to track and understand the patterns in your life…

For me, it was that every.single.time I was about to upgrade or uplevel my life, I would get ill.

Literally, it would be from small things like when I had decided to start a new exercise regime only to get a cold a week later and have to stop.

Once I had stopped, it was SO much harder to get going again afterwards that often I wouldn’t bother.



(For you it might not be getting sick, it might be causing drama, having someone else’s drama get in the way, getting drunk, becoming exhasuted…any number of things).

Right up to the big things this pattern would continue:


Money, for example

Everytime I was about to breakthrough to a new level of INCOME, something would happen…

For example:

The day I was offered an increase on a contract that would take me from £3600 a month to £7,000 a month, I got ill, really ill. Like I was saying to myself ‘WHOA!!! You don’t deserve this!! No way can you handle that!”

It was a form of self-sabotage in every way and it happened EVERY TIME. 

Crazy but true!!

It was ONLY when I started to track my behaviours, my feelings and my thoughts in a strategic way that I could see what common themes were holding me back.

So the very next time I knew that I had started something that was good for me, that would up-level my life and I predicatably started to feel the onset of shivers, aches and pains…

…instead of stopping, I KNEW what this was, I KNEW that this was my old patterning…so I carried on, I didn’t rest, stop or do any of the things I usually did.

And do you know what?

I felt better within an hour of making that decision.

I wasn’t really ill (please don’t assume this is true for you, this is just what I noticed in myself), I was self sabotaging.

My body was doing what it knew would stop me, what would prevent me from breaking through. It was trying to force me to stand still and stay in my comfort zone.

I love it for that…BUT this time? NO, NOT THIS TIME. This time I didn’t let it stop me as it had done so many other times…I saw the pattern for what it was and decided to go beyond it once and for all.

***Once you know what is happening you can stand back, smile and say ‘ is it again…ready to trip me up and sabotage what I have worked hard to create…well…


When you finally see what is holding you back is a wall for you to breakthrough to the other side, you can say those words NOT THIS TIME and carry on.

Carry on even though it’s hard, even though you might not feel great, even though it’s more comfortable to give up or stop or put it off for another time.

You can see the enemy you have created in your own mind, the fear that is turning into illness or apathy or problems – and you can FACE it…and then,


Tracking every aspect of your life in a simple 5min exercise at the end of every day, is a POWERFUL way for you to identify these patterns and create your own blueprint for success that is bespoke to YOU and your own triggers and pattern.

PLUS…its never been easier to do with the Positive Potential Tracker Journal….

Which is FREE for you to download HERE.

Print it off and fill it in every day…

Maybe do what one of my clients did and print an A5 copy and stick it into your planner!

Put it on your wall, put it next to your bed but do SOMETHING that will remind you to fill this in EVERY DAY.

At the end of each week you can create a summary and track on a clear graph what your patterns have been.

****You get to see YOU, the subconscious you that is hiding away in these patterns…that is playing you, stopping you and trying to keep you safe…but ALSO keeping you from the next level!!

  • You will be able to quickly and clearly see which days you are more productive, which times. Learn what motivates you and what triggers you into a spiral of negative thought. 
  • See what things happen when you are about to break through or make a change or are on the brink of bigger success….and celebrate! You’ve just understood the very thing that you can go through to get to the other side, once and for all.
  • When you see it, you can face it and move BEYOND, perhaps for the first time ever! Perhaps to the very things you want the most.

This is a simple and quick process, all ready for you to complete each day, beautifully laid out. Weekly summaries and a monthly summary too – this tool can seriously change things around for you and it’s completely FREE.

If you prefer a printed and bound version you can purchase one HERE for £14.97 (please note this is the tracker journal only, the workbook is not included).

Otherwise download your PDF Version now….see you on the other side of your fear…it’s amazing….

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