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Positive Potential® is creating resilience in young people and millennials, so they can change the world.

Which describes you best?


I employ driven and creative millennials.

I want to improve their resilience to the stresses of modern life currently restricting their success.


I see our young people struggling with mental health issues.

I want to help long term by teaching them dependable tools and coping mechanisms.


I am ambitious and want to harness the potential of my mind.

I want to invest in my mental wellbeing and discover my full capabilities.

“Today, we have some of the most incredible minds we have ever seen.

We are questioning some of the deepest and strongest assumptions we have about what we are capable of and what it means to be human and build a great future.

Young people, right up into their late twenties are struggling to build a resilient foundation on which their minds can keep up with the advances in technology and creative thought.

At the same time as investing in our technological future we also have to invest in updating and maintaining our mental capacity to thrive.”

Nova Woodrow

(£) profit per person from investing in mental health

million people in the world struggling with mental health issues

million work days lost per year to due to mental illness absence

sessions will transform your students, your workplace or yourself

Positive Potential®

Positive Potential® for Schools is available as a full programme or as one-off workshops. Bespoke options available.

Corporate Workshops

The resilience of your staff has an enormous effect on your bottom line. Transform the productivity, wellbeing and mindset of your best assets.

Working One to One

Ambitious millennials can take their personal development to the next level, working with me in a small mastermind environment or on a one to one basis.

Turn your future around in just 30 days - it's FREE!

With just 5 minutes a day using my Positive Potential® journal you can gather the data that will tell you everything you need to know about how you are acting, thinking and behaving.

Using this information, you can create a strategic plan to change your life and release your full potential. Download your FREE tracker today!

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