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We offer workshops designed to give your staff the understanding and strategies needed to work smarter without the stress, burnout or overwhelm


We offer wellbeing surveys and measurement so that you can understand where your staff are and how they are feeling to point to a focused and bespoke way forward

Longer Term

Not everyone wants to just offer training. Although this is a great place to start, we believe that long term support is the way to ensure true change. Ask us about our support packages



When there is an immediate problem that needs to be addressed we can work with staff one to one as part of our intervention package or with small groups

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Activating Action

If you want a team that automatically and consistently takes action in a powerful way that creates an impact, no matter how small, then this workshop changes everything. Without consistent, micro commitments to action, momentum is lost, motivation killed and results are below par.

The best way to ensure that action is taken is to back it up with meaning and excitement…no more ‘why do I need to do this?’, no more feeling like your actions have little value or contribution to something that matters.

To activate action you need to know the patterns that have held you back, the triggers for procrastination, what you REALLY want and how to increase focus and discipline so that you can achieve it.

Assuming Personal Responsibility

Every person is responsible for and in control of their own responses, feelings and thoughts. This workshop shows you how to get back in the driving seat of your own destiny.

Self-sabotage is one of the most harmful thinking patterns and it’s a common one too – we get to the brink of success and then find a way to protect ourselves from going over the precipice to a future that
we want but we do not know…change is scary and your mind will do everything it can to stop you from making changes, even the ones that would bring you everything you desire.

When you can reclaim control over your mind by understanding the responsibility that you hold – the ability to respond (in other words), you can overrule the self-sabotage instinct and move into a state
where fear is not holding you to ransom.

It gets rid of ego, helps teams to collaborate without the abuse of power or conflict and allows every person to be the master of their own potential.

Connected Teams that Flow

When a team enters a state of ‘flow’ because of its strong working relationship dynamic it has a competitive edge that you just can’t buy!

If you want a team that works on an entirely different psychological level, that has the connection experienced by only the most elite and highly trained groups of individuals then this highly experiential workshop will show you the mindset techniques needed to create it.

Connection and flow are what binds your team together, it is the ability to work towards common goals on an instinctive level. Flow is what allows Navy Seal’s to work in total silence and still know what each of them is going to do next, almost like awakening a sixth sense within your team.
It creates emotionally resilient teams that form a strong foundation for one another, from this foundation they are able to move forward fearlessly, to try new things, to step up when others need support, to know what is needed at all times and to

Connection  is understanding how to form the basis of strength from which you can make leaps in business, family life and all the relationships you value, including the one with yourself.

Curiosity to Unleash Team & Individual Creativity

This interactive workshop is designed to enable staff to pivot their thinking in new and unexplored directions to unleash creativity and renew motivation for innovative ideas.

Curiosity is a powerful tool that is often underutilised in the workplace because we tend to favour strategies, plans and protocols in order to keep things flowing smoothly and predictably. However, when we stop asking questions, challenging assumptions, current thinking or ways of doing things, we can kill creativity. Creativity is the lifeblood that helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition, to be innovative and to continually grow and develop.

Curiosity is not just a way of generating new ideas for business, it is a way of increasing joy, happiness and meaning for the team and individuals too. 

Value-Led Leadership & Communication

This workshop enables both Leaders and team members to become passionate communicators and advocates who are fully invested in their work and role.

Clear, strong leadership starts with a deep understanding of your personal and professional values. Why? Because values are the cornerstone of confident decision making and of confidence itself! When you know what you stand for and why, you can easily translate this into clear communication within your team. You are then free to move forward into confident decision making and communication.

Extracting and clarifying the values of the individual, the team and the company as a whole, will enable you to place team members in the right role, to work collectively towards commonly held and agreed value led objectives and to know instantly how to spend time, effort and energy in the best way.

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