Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity



We offer workshops designed to give your staff the understanding and strategies needed to work smarter without the stress, burnout or overwhelm


We offer wellbeing surveys and measurement so that you can understand where your staff are and how they are feeling to point to a focused and bespoke way forward

Longer Term

Not everyone wants to just offer training. Although this is a great place to start, we believe that long term support is the way to ensure true change. Ask us about our support packages



When there is an immediate problem that needs to be addressed we can work with staff one to one as part of our intervention package or with small groups

Positive Potential®

Positive Potential® is the signature programme that we run in businesses and schools to improve current mental health and future proof your staff by increasing resilience. 

Positive Potential® has been created to cover the 7 Master Principles that have been proven to impact the mental health of individuals and groups at a high and lasting level. 

The Master Principles that we base our all our work on are shown on the diagram opposite. After 20 years of working with clients who have depression, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout these are the keys to lasting change which have made the difference. The Spiral Scale® shown here also gives you an idea of how we work towards improvement through repetition and deepening understanding. 

Our Services

One to One

Are you a Millennial who wants to reach your Peak Mind Potential? I work with my clients on a weekly basis as a minimum, either in person or over Skype. For a minimum of 3 months.

Full Programme

Your staff can work with us longer term to take the full Positive Potential® programme. Guaranteed to make an impact on your bottom line and the wellbeing of your staff.


Book one of the Positive Potential® workshops for your staff to learn more about specific aspects of mental wealth. Choose one of our recommendations or commission your own.

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