Curiosity to Unleash Creativity

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This interactive workshop is designed to enable staff to pivot their thinking in new and unexplored directions to unleash creativity and renew motivation for innovative ideas.

Curiosity is a powerful tool that is often underutilised in the workplace because we tend to favour strategies, plans and protocols in order to keep things flowing smoothly and predictably.

However, when we stop asking questions, challenging assumptions, current thinking or ways of doing things, we can kill creativity.

Creativity is the lifeblood that helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition, to be innovative and to continually grow and develop.

Curiosity is not just a way of generating new ideas for business, it is a way of increasing joy, happiness and meaning for the team and individuals too.

When you start to question the assumptions (that you perhaps didn’t even REALISE were assumptions) about life, whether on a business level with customers or on a personal level with your own limiting beliefs, then you can grow, develop, change your view of yourself and the world around you so you can work and LIVE at your highest potential.



  • To explore the limiting beliefs and perceptions that participants hold and how these can be gently challenged in order to bring new understanding and positive shifts in their worldview
  • To look at current thoughts about ‘truth’ to see how even what we assume to be true can in fact be an illusion
  • To understand what triggers are and how these can be a key indication of our own subconscious patterns that reduce curiosity and creativity.
  • To safely explore new ideas and avenues through the power of imagination



  • Participants will examine and record their current beliefs and perceptions to see where these may limit their curiosity or creativity, along with practical ways in which they (or their team) can work to reduce and overcome these.
  • Participants will receive (and understand how to use) a toolkit of ways to increase curiosity for themselves and their teams.
  • Participants will be shown strategies for finding and exploring assumptions and how to reframe them.
  • Participants will be given strategies to reignite creativity even in times of stress or overload.

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