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When a team enters a state of ‘flow’ because of its strong working relationship dynamic it has a competitive edge that you just can’t buy!

If you want a team that works on an entirely different psychological level, that has the connection experienced by only the most elite and highly trained groups of individuals then this highly experiential workshop will show you the mindset techniques needed to create it.


Connection and flow are what binds your team together, it is the ability to work towards common goals on an instinctive level. Flow is what allows Navy Seal’s to work in total silence and still know what each of them is going to do next, almost like awakening a sixth sense within your team.

It creates emotionally resilient teams that form a strong foundation for one another, from this foundation they are able to move forward fearlessly, to try new things, to step up when others need support, to know what is needed at all times and to

Connection is more than networking, although certainly effective networking can make the difference that makes the difference! It is understanding how to form the basis of strength from which you can make leaps in business, family life and all the relationships you value, including the one with yourself.



  • To increase a sense of belonging and connectedness within teams
  • To demonstrate and experience flow and its powerful effects on team bonding
  • To explore current relationship dynamics within teams and the effect this is having on the individuals within it
  • To increase understanding of what ‘flow’ is and how to create it within the individual or a team
  • To understand the psychological benefits of flow and its potential for team work
  • To increase connection within a team through flow strategies



  • Participants will understand their own personal flow states and how to enter them quickly and easily
  • To experience the state of flow within the workshop through exercises designed to trigger this state
  • To come away with exercises they can use within their teams or as an individual

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