7 Master Principles of Positive Potential®

At every stage and every age, we cover our 7 Master Principles that form the basis of Positive Potential®. 


We take care of what we value. The more children value themselves and others, the more they will reflect this in their behaviour. Positive Potential® helps pupils to identify their personal values, to respect the values of others and to see the potential value in all experiences.


Curiosity is the tool with which we unlock our new understanding of ourselves. The programme invites deep questioning of the world around us, our thoughts, our feelings and the way we act, so new conclusions can be drawn and used to reach our potential.


Strong connection to others and ourselves is identified as key to our emotional stability and mental health. It is the foundation on which it is safe for us to fail and feel pain, without being destroyed by it. It is one of the main ingredients of resilience


Emotional Intelligence, self awareness and allowing the time and space for these to grow and develop are essential to great mental health. Pupils are given the skills needed to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and those of others.


Personal responsibility allows you to take back control over your own mindset. It ends self sabotage, victim mentality and many other harmful mindsets and replaces it with a healthy understanding of choice and consequence.


Understanding, without consistent action does not lead to change. Positive Potential® encourages and supports micro committments to action and demonstrates how this leads to huge leaps forward for both individuals and groups as a whole.


Once all the Master Principles have been taught, demonstrated and understood, they are brought to life for every pupil by ensuring they reach a point of ‘actualisation’. This is where everything comes together and is working well to enable lifetime changes.

Measureable Progress

The Spiral Scale®


We measure progress using our simple Sprial Scale®. Each of the Master Principles builds upon the other and not only increases knowledge but it also designed to increase wellbeing at the same time.

Much like a spiral, the knowledge is repeated but expanded upon in each learning session. At the same time as expanding it is also moving in an upwards motion so that as the principles are understood and actioned, wellbeing increases in a positive upwards direction.

Key Stage 1

Ages 5-7
This is a great time to start teaching children the foundations for great mental wealth and resilience. We believe that this is where all schools should start, at the beginning.

  • Values 25%
  • Curiosity 25%
  • Connection 25%
  • Responsibility 25%

Key Stage 2

Ages 7-11
At Key Stage 2 we cover things in a little more depth and can start to have deeper discussions around the 4 Master Principles. We concentrate on using our curiosity to question our thoughts.

  • Values 25%
  • Curiosity 35%
  • Connection 20%
  • Responsibility 20%

Key Stage 3

Ages 11-14
Our primary focus at this age range is to encourage support of one another and to understand the personal responsibility we have for our own feelings and behaviours. 

  • Values 15%
  • Curiosity 15%
  • Connection 35%
  • Responsibility 35%

Key Stage 4

Ages 14-16
At this stage we start to introduce a deeper understanding of self through knowing what is important and what they stand for as individuals. We also introduce self awareness strategies.

  • Values 35%
  • Curiosity 15%
  • Connection 20%
  • Responsibility 30%

Key Stage 5

Ages 16-18
As your pupils get ready to take their next steps, we ensure they are mentally prepared to move forward as caring, responsible adults who know who they are and how to stay resilient.

  • Values 25%
  • Curiosity 25%
  • Connection 30%
  • Responsibility 20%

Staff & Parents

Extra Support for Adults Too!
We know that a holistic approach is needed to support and encourage the resilience and general mental wealth of students. That’s why we also train Teachers and Parents.

  • Values 25%
  • Curiosity 25%
  • Connection 25%
  • Responsibility 25%

More Time?

We have created the 4 session programme in response to feedback from schools, but we know that sometimes you need a longer programme. Please talk to us about the various options. 


We work at the cutting edge of Psychological research and are constantly updating our deliverables to reflect our commitment to innovation. All our clients get access to updates.

Online Training

We can deliver training via a video course so that you can show these within class development time or in an assembly. Please chat to us about your requirements and the way the online programme works.


We offer one talks for your staff or parents too. If you wish to book a Teacher Training session or any one off training for students or parents please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange it. 

Chat to us

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