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Workshops & training to support millennials in the workplace

Why Millennials?

“Millennials are reporting the highest levels of clinical anxiety, stress and depression than any other generation at the same age.”

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Whilst we don’t work exclusively with those who fall into the category we call ‘Millennials’, this is the generation currently at work that are struggling the most but who also have the greatest potential to aid your company’s future successes. 

Many Millennials are highly ambitious and creative. They are the ‘Burning Man’ generation, the thought leaders, the pioneers that are creating companies like ‘Uber’ and ‘Airbnb’. 

They are also the generation whose technological advantages have been speeding along faster than their psychological development can keep up with. They are struggling with feeling isolated, ‘imposter syndrome’, overwhelm and burn-out.

Our workshops and programmes are designed to take care of their minds whilst they are building the future.

“We have worked with Nova on several occasions to improve the psychological resilience of our hard working tutors; who are often called upon to mentor students over and above their normal workload.

Nova worked with us to reframe perspectives, increase self-control, emotional awareness and to put some firm boundaries in place that worked for everyone.

Nova creates something bespoke to our needs every time and our staff are always blown away afterwards with the insights they have gained from the new understandings and strategies she gives us.”

Elizabeth Blackburn

Partner, Dyslexia Matters

Which area do you need help with?

Why use Positive Potential®?


Your staff talk more openly and honestly to a neutral party, ensuring they feel safe to share. This results in problems being solved quicker.


The personal lives of your staff hugely affects their performance at work. Now they will have confidential and professional help them with this to keep them focused at work.


Positive Potential® prevents future problems, rather than only helping once the problem exists and is a far better investment because of this.


One motivational workshop can get everyone performing better for a short period of time but has no lasting effect. Positive Potential® provides a system to ensure it IS long-term change that occurs.


Managers and CEO’s are often the worst people to deal with employee problems. Not only is it not the best way to spend your time, but staff often feel nervous about opening up to you. 


Results are constantly measured and assessed so you know the exact level of success that has been achieved and how this relates to your bottom line.


Positive Potential® deals with mental health and resilience, not just motivation or leadership. It goes below the ‘surface’ issues to discover the real problem.

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