Assuming Personal Responsibiltiy

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Every person is responsible for and in control of their own responses, feelings and thoughts. This workshop shows you how to get back in the driving seat of your own destiny.


Self-sabotage is one of the most harmful thinking patterns and it’s a common one too – we get to the brink of success and then find a way to protect ourselves from going over the precipice to a future that we want but we do not know…change is scary and your mind will do everything it can to stop you from making changes, even the ones that would bring you everything you desire.

When you can reclaim control over your mind by understanding the responsibility that you hold – the ability to respond (in other words), you can overrule the self-sabotage instinct and move into a state where fear is not holding you to ransom.

It gets rid of ego, helps teams to collaborate without the abuse of power or conflict and allows every person to be the master of their own potential.




  • To explore the thought, feeling or behaviour patterns that individuals are experiencing and how this has impacted their sense of power of their own emotions
  • To identify self-sabotaging behaviour and understand how to reduce this
  • To explore choices around our responses and look at the excuses we give ourselves for our thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • To increase self-reliance and resilience so that the words and actions of others have little or no impact on our own thoughts and feelings, decisions are made rationally and not reactively




  • Strategies and tools to discover personal patterns and how to positively alter them
  • Regain control over your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Know your own power and ability to respond in a way that you have consciously chosen
  • Reduce self-sabotaging behaviour

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