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My Positive Potential® Tracker Journal usually retails at £25, but if you are interested in what just 30 days of data can do for your life download it now and let me know your results!

The Exact Data Needed to Create Your Own Prescription for Mental Wellbeing in Just 5 Minutes A Day for 30 Days.

Assess Here & Now

The Tracker starts by looking at where you are in all areas of your life today and defining some goals for the end of the 30 days of tracking. This ensures you know how far you progress and keeps you on track to achieve results.

Daily & Weekly

At the end of every day you spend just 5 minutes filling in the simple daily form. Then at the end of every week you can see a visual representation of your patterns by completing the weekly review. This is so simple and effective to use.

The 30 Day Review

At the end of the 30 days you can complete your 30 day review which will give you a comprehensive and completely personalised report for what YOU need to live at your potential. A priceless set of data.