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What This Workshop Covers

This workshop enables both Leaders and team members to become passionate communicators and advocates who are fully invested in their work and role.

Clear, strong leadership starts with a deep understanding of your personal and professional values.

Why? Because values are the cornerstone of confident decision making and of confidence itself!

When you know what you stand for and why, you can easily translate this into clear communication within your team.

If you do not know, explicitly and intrinsically what is important to you (your values), then you may find yourself lacking the confidence, clarity and conviction to lead and grow.

When you know what you value and what you stand for, you are free to move forward into confident decision making and communication.

Extracting and then clarifying the values of the individual, the team and the company as a whole, will enable you to place team members in the right role, to work collectively towards commonly held and agreed value led objectives and to know instantly how to spend time, effort and energy in the best way.


  • To understand what values are and why they are important to wellbeing and productivity.
  • To differentiate between the values that have been imposed on us by others and those that we truly identify with ourselves.
  • To examine at how life currently looks and explore the feelings that arise when the life we are living is not in-line with our values.
  • To identify personal and professional values and use these to form a personal and professional philosophy


  • To define the values of the individual and/or teams/business and create from this a working philosophy.
  • To know how to put in place value led roles that increase loyalty and productivity for staff members
  • To use defined values to confidently and quickly make decisions
  • To explore and clarify the top values for each individual/team and create from this a clear set of value led objectives.

To understand what creates personal and professional fulfilment and how to achieve this

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