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Award-winning Psychotherapist & Coach

Helping businesses reduce absence due to stress & depression
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30% of employees disagreed with the statement

“I would feel able to talk openly with my line manager if I was feeling stressed”

MIND Charity

If not you, then who? 

Your employees are not as open, or as happy, to share their problems or issues with you as you may have expected.

However open you are, however caring and encouraging, there are just some aspects of life that we keep out of the work environment.

Divorce, the illness of a loved one, the bullying behind closed doors, these things are happening whether they are being talked about or not and they are having a HUGE impact on your business.

If your staff are finding it difficult to speak about these issues, then how can you help?

My team and I will work with your staff to ensure they are at their best and will show them how to deal with things when they aren’t.

“Employers can cut the cost of mental health – in lost production and replacing staff by a third, by improving their management of mental health at work”

Centre for Mental Health Charity

That’s a lot of money being left on the table.

Leaving a third of your potential profits on the table is clearly a problem, so what is your company doing about it?

Are you finding it hard to know how to look after your members of staff when they take time off with things that don’t seem easy to talk about? Are you finding it frustrating to know what you can do to reduce absence without appearing uncaring or out of touch with mental health issues?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

Many people feel the same. I have created a service that is straight talking and which will help you to find the best way to navigate through the difficult conversations that can arise as a result of mental health.

I have developed workshops, talks, tools and services that are designed to improve the psychological wellbeing and education of your staff so that you can get back to focusing on the business.

About Nova

Nova Woodrow is an award-winning Psychotherapist, Coach and Trainer who has been helping individuals and businesses to thrive for nearly 20 years.

She specialises in peak mindset performance in the workplace so that your staff are supported to:


  • To become better communicators
  • To have better relationships with those around them
  • To have the confidence to deliver their best
  • To become more productive
  • To be able to manage their own wellbeing both at work and at home