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Nova Woodrow

Psychotherapist, Coach, Teacher, Author & Award Winner

Creator of Positive Potential® Spiral Scale®

Positive Potential® Grew Out of Pure Frustration


As a Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience and as a former Teacher, I could see how many brilliant minds (we all have them) were being tamed and tempered by the idea that we are powerless when it comes to our thoughts, feelings and to a certain extent, the behaviours that result from those thoughts and feelings.

The mental health of our children and younger adults has been declining as our technological abilities have been increasing. The outer world advancement has far out-grown our inner world understanding; we are left not knowing how to cope in a world that moves faster than we can keep up with.

As I saw this happening I knew I could either continue with the knowledge that my business would grow through seeing more and more people in therapy, or I could look at how to help these people be in charge of their own mental health. Rather than just a treatment for stress and anxiety, therapy could become a means of ensuring healthy minds progress to their next level of development.

The problem is if mental health runs on a scale of -10 to +10 and 0 is the point considered a healthy balance, then I needed to get more people to 0 first, before taking them to a +10.

I looked to find the common factors keeping people at a sub-zero state and what I found was not what is commonly expected; it was not upbringing, experiences or nature that was the biggest factor in a sub-zero mental state.

There was something that was having a far greater influence.

After all, if it was true that we have no control over how circumstances define us, then all who have had what might normally be termed as a ‘horrendous’ experience or upbringing would be at a below zero state.

This though is not the case. There are many who are thriving, who are successful and happy despite all the same difficulties others have who are struggling. In many cases, these same experiences were infact the driving force behind the astonishing achievements of some.

The biggest factor of all that determined where someone sat on the scale of mental health was perception; the way in which we see ourselves and our coping capabilities.


I knew that if I could create a clear pathway, a map or strategy, that would challenge what we currently believe to be true about ourselves, I would have something that could help everyone.

There are certain mental health ‘protectors’ that have been slowly but surely eroded by our lifestyles, including the technological advancements of today’s society. It is key we understand these and they are reinforced throughout our lives.

Using the protectors I discovered I created a programme that would give you back your life and control over the outcomes for it. I took ancient wisdom and fused it together with cutting-edge psychological understanding to create something that would improve our future.

Positive Potential® is that programme. The Mastermind I have also created invites the top minds to look for ways to continually improve human psychological development.

I invite you now to change your mind about who you are and what you are capable of… I promise, it is far more than you ever imagined.

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