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Are you an Info Junky?

Why do we learn so much but never action it?

I am a self confessed info junky. I could learn full time and never come out of my office quite honestly. However, the information and research that I gather is only useful if it is put into practice and it only makes a change to life if it is actioned. Fear and perfectionist tendancies can often prevent us from getting out there with the information we have. These resources will help you to start exploring why you may hold back and what it means for you when you do. To work on this on a deeper level and to be held accountable for taking action you can work with me one to one.

The Gross Misunderstanding

You often hear people saying ‘be more positive’ or other frankly, unhelpful things. Positvity has become another way of saying ‘just do what feels good’ but this is NOT what living in your positive potential is about. Here is what it really means…

Are you Living in a Museum of Lost Hopes?

How many times have you been meaning to write that book, move forward with that idea, have that conversation…only to find that someone beat you to it? Not only have they got there first, they have said it or created it in almost exactly the same way you were going to! This is what I call the mental modality of the Museum…

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