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Activating Action

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What This Workshop Covers

If you want a team that automatically and consistently takes action in a powerful way that creates an impact, no matter how small, then this workshop changes everything.


Without consistent, micro commitments to action, momentum is lost, motivation killed and results are below par.

The best way to ensure that action is taken is to back it up with meaning and excitement…no more ‘why do I need to do this?’, no more feeling like your actions have little value or contribution to something that matters.

To activate action you need to know the patterns that have held you back, the triggers for procrastination, what you REALLY want and how to increase focus and discipline so that you can achieve it.



  • To explore all areas of life to discover what gives it meaning and how this can be used to create powerful action taking
  • To know the bigger ‘why’ that will keep momentum on track even when you reach the point at which you would normally give up
  • To look at procrastination and the individual reasons behind this
  • To understand what micro-commitments are and how to use these to make small changes that give big results



  • To create clear desired outcomes that are worked towards consistently
  • To increase commitment to action
  • To increase meaning and excitement in order to overcome the fatigue of routine
  • To create an action plan that is achievable and meaningful to the individual

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