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Today is International Day of Happiness


I wanted to look at this funny term we have and how we can move into a comfortable definition of it for ourselves.


Our language around emotion is an interesting indication of the way we experience life. We use words like ‘looking for’, ‘searching for’, ‘aiming for’ when we talk about positive emotion like ‘looking for happiness, searching for joy, aiming for positivity.


We can’t FIND these things, we are not going to stumble across them in the street one day, trip over happiness and declare ‘ah there you are!’ We can only BE these things.


If you are looking for happiness you will never find it.


If you want to BE happy, you only have to start.


A better question might be – how do you know when you are happy? What does it feel like in your body? What thoughts are you having when you are happy? Where in your body do you experience happiness? What is happening around you at times of great happiness? Who are you with? What do you see? What is the weather like? etc.


Once you know what BEING happy looks like, you only have to recreate the feeling in your mind, recall it, and there it is again. The mind is THAT powerful.


You know that there are things that will bring fleeting happiness – winning some money on the lottery, having a cuddle with someone you love…but this soon passes and you revert back to your ‘normal’ levels of happiness, wherever they lie.


In order to raise your levels of happiness on a more permanent basis you need to move the baseline ‘happy’ mode up a few notches. If your usual baseline happy is around a 5 (on a scale of 1-10) then although you may experience days where it is a 10 and days when it slips to a 1, overall you will always come back to the 5.


If you want the baseline to increase you have to practise! You have to train yourself to BE happy more often, consciously.


So figure out what happy feels like for you. Then move into that thought pattern, move your body into that stance, move your mind to focus on those things and WORK at it!


Don’t look around for happiness, just practise being happy for longer periods of time, really put in the effort to raise the baseline and watch what happens!


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