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How can we change emotion that seems to be stuck on repeat?


Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Does music help you get in touch with your emotions?


I have always found that music is a great way to access my feelings. Sometimes when I am feeling sad but unsure of what is beneath it, a song that is in line with my emotions allows me to cry or to feel what I need to feel.


Other times, I want to change the way I feel and sticking on a great tune that lifts my spirits can do just that!


I wanted to explore this further and how changing the song can change the way in which we view the world and the emotion we feel. Often, in my role as a Psychotherapist I am expected to be very analytical about the human condition, and to a certain extent I am. However, the human condition is full of dichotomies, rich in it’s tapestry and sometimes only something flowing and creative can come close to describing it. So when I sat to write about our ability to change our perception of the world around us, it became more of a whispered poem than a ‘how to’ guide! This is what came to me when I wrote:


There is not a life that you need to ‘dream’ about. There is not a day when everything will be ‘perfect’.


There is not a laugh that is imperfect, a song that does not seek to lift you up, a line that does not speak to you, a book that does not have a message – if you are awake.


Everything you need and want is in your heart already, it is there waiting for you to acknowledge it, to sing for it, to laugh for it, to read to it, to love it and to cherish it.


There is not a life that you dream about, this is your life, you have dreamed of this. If the dream is not singing to you, change the dream and hear the song it sings for you.


There is not a perfect day waiting in the distant future that you have to strive to get to, this is the perfect day, everyday is perfect, perfect for where you are, who you are and where you are going.


If you don’t like the day, sing a different song.


Life is lovingly waiting for you to come up with the tune that it can dance joyfully to.


What emotion do you wish to feel today? Which song will you sing?


Nova x2


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