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When is something divine timing and when have you just given up hope before the real magic starts to happen?

Are you in Museum of Lost Hopes?

I saw that term once, it was in a little church that I had gone to for a Christening and it really stuck with me.

This church was run by a female vicar and she had written such a poignant letter to all who entered the church. She wanted her church to be more than just a museum of lost hopes, where people went to pray, to ask for forgiveness, to ask for hope, for love, for their dreams to come true.

She knew that the hopes that were uttered there throughout the centuries were now, for many of those souls, simply lost hopes and the church stood for a place where the energy of all those hopes was stored.

She instead, wanted it to be a place where hopes and dreams were recognised as the precious diamonds that they were, the solid, sparkly, unbreakable core that speaks to us of a bigger, brighter, future. She didn’t want them to be uttered and forgotten, she wanted people to take action on them, to make them happen.

This came into my mind yesterday as I looked at all the things I had ideas for, that I had created in my mind but never been brave enough to follow through on…and I watched as someone else did what I had longed to do, who spoke the words I had often found floating in my own head waiting for me to speak them outloud.

I realised that there was a whole museum of lost hopes inside me.

For example: Long before the gel filled bra came out, I had the idea but I never did a thing with it – look how popular they are now!

There will ALWAYS be people who have the same idea as you, the difference between those who bring it to life and those who resign it to the museum of lost hopes is the ACTION they take.

Maybe it didn’t all happen quickly, maybe it cost them a lot of time and money to bring the idea to the world, maybe they went through mindset stuff to be able to believe they could have it, but they DID IT.

Would you have been prepared to do the same?

The answer is no, otherwise you would have done it.

The other question is, how long will you let your ideas gather dust in the museum of lost hopes before you remember that they don’t belong there – they belong out in the world, but they can’t get out into the world if you don’t take action on them.

If you don’t, believe me, someone else WILL.

Dust off your dreams…they are waiting, for YOU xx

nova woodrow

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