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“Oh don’t give it a second thought!”

Ever heard that saying when you have messed up and need to tell someone about it? I’m sure you have….maybe not all the time (depends what you did!) but now and again you will hear this saying and it’s got more wisdom behind it than most people realise.

I want you to just examine it a bit more closely. This little nugget of advice should be taken quite literally.

The moment you feel guilty or upset or angry (or any other emotion that leave you in a state of negativity) you have a chance to not give it a second thought.

After that first thought, we have a tendency to add to it, one thought at a time, until the mind is filled with a whole host of negative thoughts. This is the downwards spiral, the one that sucks you in and moves you further and further down.

Have you ever had the experience where you have gone for a long walk and then realised that you have to walk all the way back again?! If you hadn’t walked so far in one direction you wouldn’t now have so far to walk back.

It is very similar with the mind. If you keep adding negative thought to negative thought you have much further to go to feel great again. If you make a decision not to give it a second thought you will stop the spiral before it starts and it is FAR easier to come back to an up-spiral flow.

So today, if you find yourself having a down-spiral thought. Leave it right there and don’t feed it with a second thought, a third thought, a fourth…

The thought spiral is a powerful one, check the direction yours are headed in and cut them off or distract them with a more up-spiral thought before they get a chance to gain momentum.

The Spiral Scale® is something I use a lot in my Positive Potential® work and it’s a very powerful way to make quick decisions, turn around your thought processes and create a way to define your future.

The spiral is constantly growing outwards and upwards, so that you do not keep repeating the same patterns in life – you may circle back around but never from the same vantage point that you were at before.


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