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Emotional pain is a funny one, it exists and yet it doesn’t. I was struggling the other day. Struggling with a feeling that despite the fact that things seemed to be strolling off path, there was still something wonderful about the imperfection I was seeing in my life. I have often thought about this, the romantic in me perhaps?


The glimpse of heaven in the tears that I cried out of pure frustration was there…it was a call for something more, which in turn allowed me to see that something more must be available or I would not be able to conceive of it’s absence.


There is hope whenever we see pain because pain is a cry out for change, and if we can know that change is available (if only we could experience it) then there is hope just from the fact that our minds can perceive of change in the first place.


I sat down to write about what I needed to hear, the feelings I was struggling with and this is what came out. I thought I would share it with you incase it helps you too.


Life may not be perfect, but it is beautiful.


It is beauty found in the moments of imperfection.


The glimpse of love in the cracks,


The leap of faith within the flames of fear,


The joy in painful realisation and revelation.


The tiniest of steps forward on the climb to salvation.


The flower blossoming and opening up.


The struggle, the force of feeling, the emotional extremes, the calm beneath the waves that crash, the storm that passes


The immense structures of greatness that house the minds of mankind.


The softness of touch, the stretching of barriers.


The utter loss of who we are, the grief of discovery, the joy of sadness


The confusion, the chaos, the quiet, the calm.


The explosion of colour, the grey, the dark, the sanctity of holding the light.


The breaking heart.


The love, the love, the love.


It is contained and released in it all, in us all, in all and every touch of life.


Contain the broken, release the free, love the imperfection, celebrate the life and breath.


Nova x2

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