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I can give you as many epiphanies as you want but they will come to nothing if you don’t turn the understanding from an epiphany into real life application.


An epiphany is “a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is important to you”.


Have you ever experienced an epiphany? Was it a powerful experience for you? Did you understanding or consciousness lead to tangible change or did it fade into the background almost as quickly as it came to you?


I have had many of these moments. Magical moments of recognition, something I once struggled to comprehend had become clear to me. I may have heard the same principle, the same words, the same ideas a million times before but it was that ONE time in particular that I actually came to understand it on a whole new level.


The problem was for me, that I would have these insights, these ‘ah-ha’ moments but they wouldn’t translate into an actual change in my day to day life. Or they certainly didn’t seem to anyway.


The reason why?


I didn’t take that understanding and APPLY it to my life.


I expected that the understanding in and of itself would be enough to make the change occur.


A bit like joining a gym and expecting the membership to be enough for change…the membership does nothing on its own. You can’t come to understand that joining and attending a gym is a good way to achieve your fitness or weight goals and leave it at that.


It’s a great first step of course, but it is ONLY the first step.


If you stop there NOTHING will happen! The understanding is useless without application.


Understand what you need for change and then apply what you have come to know to your life – consistently and with rigor and passion.


As a coach and Psychotherapist – I can bring about epiphanies, I can allow you to see and recognise what was once hidden from view. I cannot, however, put those epiphanies to work for you unless you are willing to show up and apply it.


Where do you seek an epiphany? Is it possible you have already had one and just haven’t applied it to your life and THAT is why it didn’t seem to be useful to you?


Once you have the answers…don’t ignore them! Unless you want nothing to change….


Here is a quick way to apply what you have come to understand from an epiphany:

  1. Write down your insight – quickly and immediately (we forget things far more easily than we expect to)
  2. Write down one way that you can immediately apply what you have come to know.
  3. Write down all the other ways you could apply this in your life
  4. Action your understanding once a day (at least)
  5. Note how life is changing as a result of this new understanding to motivate you to continue or to alter as needed


We have lots of epiphanies and accountability in PLANET NOVA, my free Facebook group for those who want to bring their passions to life through knowing who they are, what they want and how to get there. We would love to have your expertise in the group…come and visit…I guarantee you will love it!

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