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My work focuses heavily on helping people move forwards past depression, stress and anxiety. Throughout my work and research I have come to understand some of the more surprising ways in which you can keep a healthy mind. There are the obvious and well documented things like exercise, getting outdoors, eating right to reduce inflammation etc. There are other ways too though that we can harm and heal our minds and we may not even realise it. Today I wanted to talk about some of them…


1) Knowing that we are loved and loveable is one of the basic human needs – and the most important one for our mind. In order to experience love we need to be open to feeling it. In order to feel it we need to be open to taking a risk with our hearts. For some this risk feels too great…reduce the risk by giving love first, write down what you love, what was good, do a loving act for another…the more you have given out first the less of a risk it will feel to receive it in return.


2) Explore new ways of thinking – when our minds become more fixed by experience and perception it can filter every experience we have through a very narrow field of vision. This gives us very little in terms of resources to be able to solve a problem or change the way we feel. Expanding perception through reading books that introduce you to new ways of thinking, taking a course, trying a new method etc can allow you to have a much wider awareness to draw your conclusions from, thereby giving you ways to override the old ways of thinking that keep you stuck.


3) Track your moods – I use my Tracker Journal with clients to allow them to build up a picture with actual data of what is happening. What have you eaten on the day your mood drops? What triggers were there in the week preceding a drop in mood? Did your mood become elevated in the week you began a new project, a new exercise regime? This personal data is extremely useful to you and can pinpoint how you can write your own prescription for a healthy mind.


4) Understand what you stand for – stress and depression can be sparked by a feeling that life has lost meaning (loss in any sense can be a way the depression sets in) to regain a sense of meaning you can look to see where your inner and outer life is in conflict with one another. When your outer life is being lived without an expression of who you are on the inside it can lead to conflict within you that is hard to settle or calm. What is important to you? What values do you hold dear that you are not expressing in your outer life? It might be that you value ‘family’ for example but your outer life is in conflict with this because you have so little time to either spend with family or in order to start a family. The more conflict there is between what you value inside and what you express in your life, the greater the chance there is of this becoming a trigger for low mood or anxiety.


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