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It’s in your DNA…

I didn’t really believe these words, it was my Mother saying them after all and she is a little biased. On the other hand she did have a little secret up her sleeve…

I was worried about how my work would be received, I knew that it was based on everything I had learned throughout my studies and research, I knew that it had worked to turn my own life around but it still scared me, to put it out into the world. Perhaps you have experienced this feeling too? The worry of exposure, of putting yourself in the public eye and being confident enough to stick with it, to go the course, to never give up.

My mother knew I was concerned which is why she reminded me of my heritage, why she pulled a book from the shelf and said ‘This is in your DNA Nova”.

My Great Great Grandfather, one that I share with Bear Grylls, was a pretty interesting guy. He was an author that Napoleon Hill (The famous author of Think and Grow Rich), credits with the honour of being the PREMIER AUTHORITY in the UK on positive mindset. His name? Samuel Smiles.

Turns out that although in the end he sold many books, he was rejected at first by Routledge who he approached to publish his book ‘Self Help’.

20 years (!) later, he found himself at dinner with George Routledge, who asked “Dr Smiles, when will we have the honour of publishing one of your books?”

He replied – “You have already had the honour of rejecting it!”

He never did let Routledge sell the book – instead he struck a self publishing deal and sold over a quarter of a million books (which in 1855 is not half bad). Almost overnight he became a much consulted guru…imagine that, he took the BOLD step of going out on his own, all those years ago and did it on his own terms. It was a move that brought him INSTANT SUCCESS when he finally decided that he would TAKE ACTION!

He published many other books too, he studied what worked, he deconstructed it (long before it was a buzz term) and understood the mechanics of success long before any of us were even a twinkle in the eye.

This is my heritage, my inheritance and it is yours too. We ALL have the ability to be more than we believe, to get our best self out into the world,  to be a success, to live life on our own terms, to smile knowingly at those who rejected you and to GO AND DO IT ANYWAY!

Whenever I feel a little fearful about my work I remember the words that my Great Great Grandfather wrote and that my mother showed to me when I needed to hear them…I hope they might help you too, because whatever life brings you, rejections, hardship, failures…you are still capable of amazing things if you keep remembering who you are inside.

These are some of the words from one of his books and I love them, to me it sums up everything that your Positive Potential is about:

“Every Human Being has a great mission to perform, noble faculties to cultivate, a vast destiny to accomplish. He should have the means of education, and of exerting freely all the powers of his Godlike nature”.

So how can you Unleash your Positive Potential? How can you realised your destiny, to define your great mission, to gain the education needed that will release the powers of your Godlike nature?

It happens in 7 stages and this is what they are:

  1. Align with your values
  2. Awaken creativity
  3. Allow connection
  4. Accelerate awareness
  5. Assume responsibility
  6. Activate endeavour
  7. Actualise self

These 7 Master Principles are what it takes to UNLEASH the totality of who you are and what you are capable of. The GREAT NEWS? You don’t need to wait to start this process, this is a process that has been successful even for those who were deep in depression, had fears that had been holding them back for years, had all but given up on themselves and their ability to make something of their lives.

The OTHER GREAT NEWS? Yesterday I released 100 copies of the FULL Positive Potential printed and bound course at 80% off the normal price. Why? Because my course is a year old and we wanted to celebrate by finding a price that everyone could afford.

If you can get your copy before they all sell out then you can grab it for £39! That’s FREE shipping too!

The workbook and tracker journal with both be sent to your home so that you can UNLEASH your POSITIVE POTENTIAL and access all the many years of research and expertise contained inside them. Expertise that only comes with years worth of experience in my field, that only comes when a product has been tried and tested by OTHER EXPERTS, that only comes when you have a deep understanding of what it takes to turn around even the most difficult of circumstances and get a Rapid Return to Results.

Curious about what you can UNLEASH when you take the work and MAKE IT WORK?!

Say yes to becoming the Master of your Mind, the Master of your Emotions, the Master of your Actions. This is true mastery on a level that you haven’t experienced before, this is you UNLEASHED.

Welcome to your Positive Potential, you are going to LOVE IT!

nova woodrow