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Sometimes our pain points are the launch pad for great things. It has certainly been the case for me, I launched a whole business based on what was making me unhappy! Let me explain…


Moving to Monaco when my son was just a baby was meant to be a really exciting time…his Dad and I had just finished working for a company in Dorset after the partners decided to part ways and do their own thing. My boss invited us to go out to Monaco and work with him on his new business and we couldn’t wait! It was an amazing opportunity and having already stayed in the apartment we would be renting I knew it was a huge, beautiful place that we would be happy in…at least that’s what I thought.


The reality turned out quite different. We had a goodbye party, sold the house and packed up all our belongings…Noah was not even a year old at this point but the adventure beckoned and soon I was on a plane flying out a day or so behind Mark, Noah’s dad.


The work that we had been promised just never seemed to really materialise, we did bits and bobs and I learned a huge amount but I didn’t really want to leave Noah and worked from our apartment as did Mark.


Both Mark and I seemed to fall into a depression, we hardly talked and the days were long and fruitless. I would walk everyday down to the local bakers to buy a hot chocolate and see some other human beings. Noah took a shine to the baker and the baker took a shine to him and soon enough we were always greeted with a smile, a free bit of cake or similar and Noah would go over the road in the arms of the baker to purchase a newspaper and come back again all smiles and happy gurgles.


Despite lovely moments like this, the nice weather and the beautiful surroundings, I was beyond bored. I needed a project but I didn’t know where to start. I thought about my situation and how there must be other mums who felt this way too, lonely, lost and in need of company and to feel like they were part of a community again.


Those thoughts grew and developed and I decided to start a mini business, a magazine for parents of young children that brought mums together by listing all the local places to go, that had articles that would deal with the issues they faced etc.


From the living room in our apartment I wrote the business plan, secured funding, created the layout for my first issue and commissioned my first two writers…I was alive again.


We returned to the UK after about 18 months and I came back to learn that my business plan had won an award. I got £2000 in cash and an office for a whole year for free. I was on the radio, my prize ceremony was a big event where I met lots of entrepreneurs, it was amazing.


The point of this story?


Your pain points are someone else’s pain points too. Your discomfort, your worries, your issues are also the launch pad for an idea that can help both you and others and might even turn into a business.


The magazine didn’t last all that long (that’s another story for another time) but it did save me from my own loneliness and I know from the feedback I got that it also helped a lot of other mums too. It also showed me that I could use my own problems to become the driving force for change, for good and for a new adventure.


Adventures may not always turn out as you expect but they will always bring you opportunities.


What pain points have you experienced that you could use to build your business, that could be of value to others, that could move life forwards for you now? Do you want to join other business owners learning how to build a business using the secrets of psychology and philosophy and get support in doing that? Come and join the free group PLANET NOVA.

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