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Potential has existed before anything else on earth did…way before it in fact. You are created out of potential energy – we have access to our potential all the time because it is what we are made from. The form of it, is up to you!

For me (not everyone, I realise), God and the Devil have always been metaphors formed long ago to describe the singularity of an energy that we are all able to perceive.

Love is the singularity of an energy that religion has described as God (an energy where nothing exists except love) – others call it by other names but essentially, they are all putting a name to something that we know exists but we cannot see, hear, or speak it effectively.

As humans, we naturally want to put a name to everything in order to describe an experience verbally, so we named it God within religion and other things within other circles.

The energy of love’s opposite, fear (or evil in some descriptions) is described in religion as the Devil to explain a singular state of this energy.

Theoretical physics postulates that there exists in potential state, every possible experience of energy.

A bit like a computer game where every possible scenario is already programmed in; the experience we have within the game is dependent on the choices we make as we play.

This would then, in theory, mean that there is a version of existence already mapped out, where there is only God energy and another where there is only Devil energy. Existences where nothing except pure energy of one form can be experienced – perhaps the word we created to describe this scenario was Hell?

The opposite, an existence where nothing but the love energy exists could also then be what we decided long ago to termed ‘heaven’?

It would seem that we don’t experience a singularity in our current experience of the world, we have a duality where both energies exist at the same time and all shades of grey between the two (so essentially, all the creations we have so far brought to our experience are using an energy that falls somewhere on the scale between Love and Fear).

The singularity in our case is that both energies of fear and love exist simultaneously and create the experience we call LIFE.

Life is our singularity – in our experience there is nothing outside of what we call life.

That would mean though that both life and death, love and evil were all essentially the same thing.

They are!

Do you suppose that when experience and existence came into being, even though we KNOW that it was all created from the same original energy existing only as potential, that it was able to be anything other than what it still is?

It is still that same energy of potential.

It still has the same ability to be moulded into whatever we want to create.

We still have the same choice, luckily for us, of being able to constantly BE within an energy and switch from one to another (which we do…that’s why you have a range of emotions, to show you in real time what energy you are using in every moment).

We can choose to harness and use the energy of love, or we can choose to use the energy of fear.

Until the point at which we reach a singularity – which would mean our experience of LIFE (where we have both options) is over, we have the amazing ability to CHOOSE the energy that we fill our life with.

You can also move between energies (emotions) all the time! You can do this consciously, or you can ride the waves as they come (this is what most of us do).

This is the power you have that I base my work on.

Positive Potential® is your ability to choose, consciously, where you are directing your energy and to take responsibility for that.

Not in a woo-woo way, in a sensible, logical way based on what you already see the results of in your life.

If it’s working to get you what and where you want to be, keep doing it! If it’s not – let’s change it.

All energy is directed either towards love or fear…ALL THE TIME we make this choice.

If you are not consciously aware of the energy that you are using to create your life you are sleepwalking your way to a life lived by default.

We ALL have the ability to redirect our lives towards something better than they are right now. We ALL have the ABILITY to be horrible, hurtful, shaming, miserable, violent, abusive. We also ALL have the ABILITY to be loving, empathic, hopeful, joyful, playful and spectacular.

The choice of which way you go is up to you.

There are things that get in the way of that of course, circumstances, the legacy of the past, the habits you are in, the beliefs you have about yourself and life, the way in which you perceive life, the energy you have been living in up till now…


That doesn’t mean it can’t change, if you want it to.

And THAT is your choice too!

The beauty of life, is choice.

Choose to express the potential of the positive in your life.

Or not….;-)

nova woodrow

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