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Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity



Workshops designed to give your staff the strategies needed to work smarter without the stress, burnout or overwhelm.


Wellbeing assessment so you understand  how staff are feeling now, this will point us to a focused direction for the way forward.

Longer Term

Long term support is what ensures true change. You have the option for your staff to be supported all year round.



When there is an immediate problem, trouble shooting sessions are available with individuals or small groups.

Workshops designed to increase productivity and reduce stress.

Activating Action

If you want a team that automatically and consistently takes action in a powerful way that creates an impact, no matter how small, then this workshop changes everything. Without consistent, micro commitments to action, momentum is lost, motivation killed and results are below par.

The best way to ensure that action is taken is to back it up with meaning and excitement…no more ‘why do I need to do this?’, no more feeling like your actions have little value or contribution to something that matters.

To activate action you need to know the patterns that have held you back, the triggers for procrastination, what you REALLY want and how to increase focus and discipline so that you can achieve it.

Assuming Personal Responsibility

Every person is responsible for and in control of their own responses, feelings and thoughts. This workshop shows you how to get back in the driving seat of your own destiny.

Self-sabotage is one of the most harmful thinking patterns and it’s a common one too – we get to the brink of success and then find a way to protect ourselves from going over the precipice to a future that
we want but we do not know…change is scary and your mind will do everything it can to stop you from making changes, even the ones that would bring you everything you desire.

When you can reclaim control over your mind by understanding the responsibility that you hold – the ability to respond (in other words), you can overrule the self-sabotage instinct and move into a state
where fear is not holding you to ransom.

It gets rid of ego, helps teams to collaborate without the abuse of power or conflict and allows every person to be the master of their own potential.

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Other Services

One to One

Are you a Millennial who wants to reach your Peak Mind Potential? I work with my clients on a weekly basis as a minimum, either in person or over Skype. For a minimum of 3 months.

Full Programme

Positive Potential® is available as a full 6 month programme which includes all workshops, one to one support for staff, online resources and all printed materials and support workbooks.


See the full range of workshops that are currently available. These are updated regularly with new workshops added quarterly. Or, request a bespoke workshop to be created to your needs.