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Positive Potential®

Resilience, emotional intelligence and mental health for young people

Measurable, Proven Results

What is Positive Potential®?

Positive Potential® is a unique mindset resilience programme for children of all ages.

Helping them to develop the skills and the understanding that will equip them for life-long mental health. 

Created by Nova Woodrow, with the advice and support of many specialists across a number of disciplines. 

Positive Potential® is a measurable, sustainable, exciting and enjoyable way to enhance and transform the mental wealth of your students. 

How does it work?

The programme is delivered over four sessions in your school environment, with each session designed to be the same length as a double lesson; it can be a part of any development time or PSHE. Each session focuses on one of the foundational principles of Positive Potential®, designed to increase mental wealth.

Every pupil receives an age-appropriate workbook and journal for continued self-study or study in future classroom lessons. We can also arrange one to one sessions for pupils or smaller group sessions for struggling pupils.

Our bonus features that make the difference

Measurable Results

We use a qualitative measurement tool to give you a before and after wellbeing score for your students.

Including Parents

We offer a one hour after school session for parents so they can learn the best way to support their children at home.


Workbook & Tracker

Every student receives their self study workbook to use at home or in school as and a journal designed to track their progress

Follow Up Service

Six months after Positive Potential® has been completed, we come back for a session so your students can stay on track.

All The Right Things

We know what is engaging for children and young people, we also know what their fears, hopes and dreams are. We know they want to belong, to feel loved, to gain significance and to enjoy life.

We also know how they can all achieve these things quickly and easily with the right skills taught at an early age.

All Ages

Whether you want to introduce Positive Potential® at the start of school life or use the programme to support Sixth Formers before they begin the next life chapter, we’ve got it covered.

Alongside Parents & Teachers

We know it’s not always easy to keep the education consistently flowing between home and school, however, it is important that children are supported across the board when it comes to creating Mental Wealth.

We work with the parents and teachers as well as the children to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet!

Where would you like to go next?

Make an appointment or have a chat

We will send you the course outline, including costs, and can discuss any issues you would like to specfically address within the course structure.