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This week is all about the Vicar of Dibley! I am in a local play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we have been rehearsing constantly in the last week.


I’ve minimised my commitments this week to ensure I have all my lines in my head and so I can rehearse and now I can feel my nerves starting to build.


So what have I learnt from this and what the heck has it got to do with business?


1) There is a cycle to effort:


We have the initial flurry of excitement at an idea, a new endeavour, a challenge etc and we put in a lot of our creative energy at the start.


Then comes the middle stretch of time, this is when the initial excitement has worn off, the end result is still quite a way off and you have settled into a routine that has a more slow and steady pace, nothing really seems to be happening apart from a lot of repetition and this is where many people start to lose a bit of their commitment to the end result.


Then there is the final push, you are getting closer to your end goal now and suddenly all the time you thought you had has disappeared and the pace quickens, the energy picks up and for those who lost a bit of energy in the middle phase find that they are noticing a sense of panic that has not been there before.


2) You want to skip to the end but the end will be sub standard if you haven’t practised for the right amount of time.


Many people in business want to get to the ‘performance’ without having put in the practise first. They want the degree without the three – seven years of learning that comes first. They want the reward without the effort. Emotional reward comes from effort – it doesn’t have to be hard, it can be great fun but it does require you to put something IN if you are trying to get something OUT.


3) Once the performance is over there is a shift in energy


When you have invested time and effort and finally reached your goal it can feel euphoric! The buzz surrounding your dreams and ideas coming to fruition can feel wonderful. But then it is over. Like a wedding, you have planned for a year or so, it is THE day to remember and then, suddenly, there is nothing more to do apart from be married. At this point the energy you felt for the project can either propel you to start all over again, shift you into a middle phase for a while again or it can drop completely and leave you feeling bereft.


So how does this relate to you? Which part of the cycle do you enjoy the most, which parts do you fear? Do you ever try to skip to the end result? How do you feel after a big project/marketing effort/course etc is over?


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Nova x2