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The ONE Thing that finally enabled me to BREAK FREE!

This worked when nothing else did...


The thing that changed me the most…that enabled me to jump back into the driving seat of my life and take back control…was understanding what my patterns were.

Without this vital information I was simply taking guesses and stabs in the dark as to what might help.

Sometimes one thing would help me get motivated and feel great but the next time it didn’t work at all!

Other times I would change something or try something for a while, but it would never seem to work very quickly and it’s effects would not last as long as I wanted them to – that’s if they worked at all!

I felt like I was just jumping from one thing to the next hoping that it would be the solution to all my problems…it never was!

I needed to go right back to failsafe methods, to following the simple things I had been taught in all my training…


Understand what is happening on a subconscious level and bring it right out into the open.

To expose it…and then use this to form a strategy for improvement.

It was seriously the thing that caused a HUGE revelation in my mind.

I’m quite strong minded, I’ve done a whole heap of work on myself and I’m stubbon.

Hypnotherapy is not effective for me – I’m too aware of it, locked in a battle between wanting change and also wanting to be in control of it.

Perhaps you are the same? Strong willed and wanting to be in control? Or just not ready to give up on working it out for yourself?

In which case, this is for you.

You are in complete control – you get to see and understand exactly what you do and when. You see, plain as day the self sabotaging behaviours, the cycles that you go through, the things that trigger the cycle and what breaks it.

You see your unconscious fears, the way you behave that is keeping you locked in a fear pattern, the ways out of the constant highs and lows, the way to get motivated again, the beliefs that are working in the background to hold you back…

Everything is there…no hiding…but also no exposure…this is private, this is yours, this is personal.

It takes just 5mins at the end of every day to change your whole operating system.

It was the one thing for me….and now it’s free for you.

Download the 30 day version or if you want to go all in with serious tracking like the Tim Ferris’s of this world (who has changed his whole world by tracking every single aspect of his life) you can purchase a printed and bound version that lasts for a WHOLE YEAR for just £14.95


Welcome to your Positive Potential®, it starts right here…

Assess Here & Now

The Tracker starts by looking at where you are in all areas of your life today and defining some goals for the end of the 30 days of tracking. This ensures you know how far you progress and keeps you on track to achieve results.

Daily & Weekly

At the end of every day you spend just 5 minutes filling in the simple daily form. Then at the end of every week you can see a visual representation of your patterns by completing the weekly review. This is so simple and effective to use.

The 30 Day Review

At the end of the 30 days you can complete your 30 day review which will give you a comprehensive and completely personalised report for what YOU need to live at your potential. A priceless set of data.

Want it all done for you?

If you love a good notebook like me, or you are a stationary fiend, you will love the printed and bound 365 version of the Tracker Journal!

Each page is waiting to be filled and there’s no need to print anything off or work out how you can carry it around with you. One beautifully presented journal with all the sections laid out for you.

  • Daily reports
  • Weekly summaries
  • Monthly Overviews

For just £14.95 this A5 sized journal will be your companion for a whole 365 days – imagine what a years worth of data could tell you? Imagine what changes you will track!